Mountain Top Marriage Ministries, Inc.

Roger and Laureen Traver

4419 Centennial Blvd #226

Colorado Springs, CO 80907



Our Vision:

God’s call upon our lives and the vision of Mountain Top Marriage Ministries is to teach couples how to use God’s Word to have victorious marriages. Marriage is to be a reflection of God’s agape love in all three areas of the marriage relationship (Spirit, Soul, and Body). Hos.4:6 says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. God’s specific call to us as a couple was “to go into all the world and teach”. (Matt. 28:19 &20) We have been called to go to all nations, to teach others all that we have been taught by the Lord. We have been called to go in and dispossess nations (Deut. 9), to possess the land (Numbers 13), to inherit the land (Ps 37:34), to help establish the mountain of the Lord’s house (Is.2:2), to pluck up, to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant (Jer. 1:9 & 10), to pull down strongholds (2 Cor. 10:4 &5) and to minister as Jesus did in Is 61: 1-3 with the anointing power of the Holy Spirit.



Mountain Top Marriage Ministries, Inc.
Our ministry is a 501c3 – not-for-profit ministry with a board of directors consisting of 9 couples.
We operate on a partner and love-offering basis.


Roger and Laureen Traver

Ages: Roger – March 24, 1944; Laureen – May 17, 1945


September 3, 1966


Mark and Steve

Mark and his wife, Lori, are full time missionaries with YWAM Nashville where Mark is the base director. They have two children. Mark graduated from Southwest Baptist University with a major in Math. He attended Christian grade and high school.

Steve and his wife Trea live in Glenwood Springs, CO with their 3 children. Steve currently works for Desk Top Consulting. Steve has his pastors license and graduated from Victory Bible Institute, Tulsa, OK. He also earned an AA degree from Johnson County Community College. He has also served with All India Missions and Visions World Outreach, Greeley, Co. Both Steve and Trea have led short term missions trips to other nations. Steve also attended Christian schools.

Ministry Call:

Came in 1984 while attending Blessed Hope Church in Gardner, Ks. (From 1976-80 we traveled the U.S. with Lay Witness Teams sharing our marriage testimony.) We began teaching a marriage class in a home group setting in 1984. God named our ministry Mountain Top Marriages and our pastor laid hands on us and released us both into a team teaching ministry. (We both teach during our seminars and classes by using the a tag or team-teaching method.)

Because of our teaching ministry, we frequently meet (privately) to pray with people about their marriage concerns. We do not have any counseling degrees nor do we call ourselves “marriage counselors”. However, because of our marriage experience many people come to us for help and ministry.

Cross Points Church (our home base missions church since 1988)

Senior Pastor: Don Lewis

6824 Lackman Road

Shawnee, Ks. 66217

Phone: 913-631-1100

Pastors our ministry is submitted to:

David Jones- Missions

Doug Fry – Marriage

Colorado Ministry Office

3945 Michener Dr

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Phone: 719-471-9072

Colorado Springs Church References:

New Life Church

11025 Voyager Parkway

Colorado Springs, CO 80921

New Life Church – contact Family Pastor – David Grothe – Phone: 719-265-3115

Charis Christian Center – contact Sr. Pastor – Lawson Perdue – Phone: 719-227-0380


Full Time Ministry with MTM since May, 2005

Roger – Economics Professor (retired, 2005)

Johnson County Community College (30 years)

Administrator, founder, author, and teacher of Mountain Top Marriage

Ministries, Inc. (since 1984)

Laureen – Homemaker, Mountain Top Marriage teacher, writer,

co-founder and executive secretary of Mountain Top Marriage Ministries

Ministry Booklets Written:

Roger Unprepared For The Mountain – (Finances)

Laureen A Mountain Trail Called Marriage – (Pin-pointing where you are at on the marriage trail)

Laureen Overcoming Mountains of Fear – (Our testimony paralleled to a climb up Longs Peak Mountain in Rocky Mt. National Park)

Roger & Laureen have composed their own teachers manuals and student workbooks for various seminars:

Cherish and Honor Seminar

Mountain Top Marriage Basic Concepts Seminar

Possessing the Land – Ozark Mt. Seminar

Financial Seminar

Abuse Seminar

Spiritual Warfare Seminar

Up Where We Belong – Rocky Mt. Seminar

High Country Living – Smoky Mt. Seminar

Keep Climbing – Pikes Peak Mt. Seminar

Jesus, Healer of Our Emotional Pain

Marriage Trails – Leaders and Couples Manual
Freedom Seminar

Change My Heart O Lord – Pikes Peak Seminar

MTM Marriage Trails 10 Week Course Books – to be used and taught by church leadership
Specifically written/deigned for follow up. – Leaders guide, student books, 2 video tapes

Video Tapes Testimony Tape
Resource tapes for Marriage Trails books

CDs or Tapes: Available from various seminars and classes