About Us



Mountain Top Marriages was founded by Roger and Laureen Traver. From 1976 to 1980 they traveled the United States with Lay Witness Teams sharing their marriage testimony. They began teaching a marriage class in a home group setting in 1984. Since then, they have written and taught their own seminar materials. Their books and teaching materials have been compiled from their own marriage experiences and from the Word of God. They hold seminars, retreats, meetings and classes across the continental United States and Alaska and have been in other nations such as Zimbabwe, England, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Canada, Austria, Germany, Hungary, China, Hong Kong. Many people have been saved, healed and delivered through their ministry.

Roger and Laureen share openly and honestly about their own personal experiences. They were married in 1966. They were advised by a Christian counselor to get a divorce after adultery in their marriage. They were further advised by medical doctors to get a divorce after discovering physical disabilities. However, through commitment, emotional and physical healing, obedience to the Word and a brokenness of self and pride, Jesus and the Holy Spirit turned their marriage into a victorious mountain top experience. As a result, many families have been saved from the divorce courts as the Travers bring healing and hope to troubled marriages. The Travers help engaged couples and singles to better understand the opposite sex, and also encourage good marriages to become better.

God’s call upon their lives and the vision of Mountain Top Marriage Ministries is to teach couples how to use God’s Word to have victorious marriages. God made man in His image (Spirit, Soul & Body) and He created the concept of marriage. Marriage is to be a reflection of God’s Agape Love in all three areas of the marriage relationship (Spirit, Soul & Body).

Roger was a Professor of Economics at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas for 30 years. Laureen is the executive secretary of the ministry. They have two married sons and 5 grandchildren. Their oldest son, Mark  is the missions Pastor for Cross Points Church in Shawnee, KS. Their youngest son, Steve and his family live in Glenwood Springs, CO where Steve works for Decipher Technology.

The Travers want couples to make Jesus Lord of their lives, Lord of their marriages, and Lord of their families. Their motto is to “Keep Climbing” until you reach the top.